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Jan 2012 XOTM

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Wow, i can't believe we are about to finish off 2011. Let see who's gonna be our first winner of 2012! 1st 10 noms get a shot at it. 1 pic per nom and you must include it. You can nominate yourself.

Not eligible for nomination:

February 2011 - Dead Pilot Gen2
March 2011 - Xterra Mike Gen1
April 2011 - Timb Gen1
May 2011 - Powerguy37 Gen1
June 2011 - GlamisDunesStar Gen2
July 2011 - Morb Gen1
August 2011 - cgvalant85 Gen1
September 2011 - Rattfink Gen1
October 2011 - Bkyln.X Gen1
November 2011 - Zachbiz Gen1
December 2011 - Rook Gen2
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Welp. Congrats T-Ray on your win. lol
Um, yea i might have to agree with you on that one!
Whats up with that front tire?

Im guessing a speed issue on the cam?
Yea looks like the camera took 2 pics at the same time.
ah, makes sense. I can take up to 6 shots with HDR. Not good for action though.
how about we get more nominations!
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