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Itsme's 00 Xterra build

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Where do I start? I guess from the begining!
I was looking for a 4X4, as I moved back to oregon and wanted something that would not be stopped by winter.
I first bought a Land Rover. I know, but thankfully the engine was junk, so before picking it up, I sold it again and took a $1500 loss. I guess I asked for it!
At any rate, I was looking online at dealer auctions, because a family friend was a dealer, but is in New Jersey. I started noticing Xterras and they looked perfect for me. I like the early gen 1 offerings, so I scowered the auctions all over the USA.
I found a 2000 4X4 with a 5 speed and bid on it and got it. It was purchased in Philly and shipped to family friend for going over and getting it ready for me to have it shipped to Oregon. It had dents and scrapes, but only had 66K miles and our mechanic said it was sound and a good buy. He siad it looked like crap though. My sister lives in NJ, so I had her have him do some body and paint work. Then replaced the belts and changed all fluids. In the mean time, I was looking for a car hauler to bring it to me, but ended up flying out there and driving it back.

So here is the start of my X TriXie:
She was looking pretty bad

With body work done I went to get her. The clutch was slipping, so I had it replaced alone with two front tires fro now. I also put in a two core brass and copper radiator, before leaving NJ.
Then I dove it uneventfully back to Oregon.
Next it was my turn to start working on her.
I readjusted the Tbars, painted the plastics and did a few other things.
next winter was on me and I have no garage now, so it will need to wait until spring, before I start on her again
I painted plastics and lifted the front

She wants me to do more, but she has to wait!
I will add lights, CB, rear shackles and who knows what else, but for now the weather has me on stop mode!

It is August 2012 and I just bought another Xterra. It is a 2000 SE just like the black one, but is Silver with an automatic transmission. I needed this one for the automatic, because I am getting a left knee replacement in September and I am really attached to the first year Xterra.
Here she is in her virgin sate...
It has 72K miles on it:

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Nice! Looks good with the new paint.
me too, Dave
I am in the south west between Grants Pass and the coast on RT 199
Good lookin X! I'm partial to black myself. She looks like a brand new X after the bodywork and paint!
Have fun with the modding, sounds like you have the experience to get this X set up for what you need or want.
Looks like you're off to a great start!
:thumbsup-big: Nice
Is that even the same truck???? Looks good.
I am adding a real oil pressure gauge I never liked trucks without one an always install one.
I have it rough mounted into the center in the little useless well the 00 X has. I will paint it up and make it look nice once I have it all hooked up and working.
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Cool! How much work is involved in hooking one of those up?
There are two kinds. Electronic and manual The electronic ones have a sender with wires (2), which you tee off of the factory set up, using a tee and nipple. You do the same for the manual ones, but you run a little oil line to the gauge.
I prefer the electronic ones, so that I don't have to worry about the tubing leaking and causing a mess.
When the weather gets nicer here, I will do the engine stuff and post some pics, but it really is no big deal!
It freaks me out that these engines use less oil than my motorcycle, so I wanted it in sooner than later!
Yeah it uses about the same amount as my old Corolla lol
Surf was high today, so thought I would post a few pix. My camera was not cooperating, but you can almost see my X next to a few trees in my area.
mods to come, when weather warms up!

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Your location looks beautiful!

Your truck is coming along great too.


I use that well you blanked off for a 4 outlet electrical receptacle (Cig lighter type), so I can charge my phone/camera/batteries and power the GPS, etc.

An oil pressure gauge is a great idea, and the electrics are less messy for sure.

What's next on your hit parade?
Shes a real black beauty, coming along man !
The next few things will be shackles installed, inverter (I think where the ash tray is), light bar and 4 lights, which I am getting from Turk, IAB (also from Turk). Tires for moderate off road. Remove the step rails and try to round up some sliders, for no body lift (like the idea of step).
I can not work out in the cold and rain, so I am having to wait until spring hits here!

There are many places here to get lost in. I bring my camp stuff and extra 5 of gas when I am out and about, just in case I want to stay for awhile.

In the future an bumper and winch, but I am retired and have to get a bit at a time!

Thanks everyone here, for your support and knowledge.

I will be headed to Colorado in a few weeks, to visit with my cousin and will hit four corners and do a little south Utah wheeling on my way home.
Turk Lights on, but not hooked up yet.

I put them on, first to see them on and second to figure how I would like to wire them in.
Soon to install Turk IAB!
And remove the step rails! (too wet and cold still)
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