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Hello All......

My name is Josh Keadle and I am from Thornton, Colorado. I am an avid hunter, and figured this would be a perfect hunting vehicle for me. Last year I brought my 2015 Dodge EcoDiesel hunting and beat it up pretty bad, so this year I bought the 2002 Xterra to take. I am going to put a lift on it, and maybe a little bit wider of a tire. I will put a winch in it behind the back seats so I can load an elk/deer without the help of anyone. I am a disabled vet, so I am not able to lift as much as I used to.

If any of you have any advice for me, I am all ears. I would really like tips on cheaper lifts, such as body lifts and the PML. Also, my Xterra has strange steering issues that I could use some tips on. All information is welcomed.

Thank you!
1 - 3 of 3 Posts
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