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My vehicle is running great. BUT... It seems to misfire at idle almost like a burp in the engine very intermittently and proceeds to run fine. No Codes! It accelerates great, has no problem pulling a 3000 lb trailer, and gets the expected mileage. It's odd, only happens when I'm sitting at a light and I don't notice it when the engine is cold.

It has 115k miles and has a knock sensor issue that I have bypassed using a resistor.

It likely needs new plugs which, I hear, is a bear to do.
Since I would like to replace the knock sensor at some point. Should I do it all at once?

So I'm debating going down the rabbit hole.
Do the teardown and pull the SC and manifold off, do the knock sensor, plugs and redo/service the injectors.

That intermittent misfire with no code has me wondering, what could it be? Nothing is noticeable at higher RPM.

Things that pop in my head,
Failing coil, plug wire arcing, failing plug.

I'm inclined not to think anything related to fuel delivery(maybe failing injector).

Would a better scanner(one where you select year, make and model) pick up codes that a cheap OBD scanner wouldn't?

So what would the board members look at first for the misfire issue?
Would you do the plugs, plug wires, and injectors to see if it goes away?
I would like to fix the knock sensor properly, I won't entertain a remount. So if I have the manifold off, should I do anything on the head.(timing belt has been done)

Any thoughts welcome.
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