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Hey folks,

I'm brand new to this forum and fairly new to anything related to working on a car, but being mechanically minded and very poor (full-time college student) I need to find the most cost effective way to take care of my baby (a 2005 xterra that I've had for four years and that has stuck with me through some thin times with very little preventive maintenance and only one major repair) and she's looking a little rough around the edges. Literally. I park on the street at night and being that it is a very busy street, the driver's side has taken a few whacks from people too inconsiderate to stop and leave their insurance information (those jerks!) so your help would be appreciated. I've done a little bit of research and found that it isn't too tough to replace body panels, and I have a crawler set to search out the local pull-n-pay yard for xterras, but I don't know what years I can safely pull parts from and have them fit on my truck. I have an SE (2005, as I mentioned) model. I need a bumper cover, driver's side fender, and driver's side quarter panel. I'm not really concerned with the color but one of the damaged areas is starting to rust (I am thinking about replacing the other quarter panel as well, since it is starting to rust right over the wheel well too). Finding my exact year is tough, and with intact body pieces would be even tougher I imagine.

I did search the forums for posts related to this, and while they may exist, I couldn't find them, so my apologies. Master at google fu though I am, I may not know the right automotive terminology to find the posts I am looking for.

Your help would be greatly appreciated :)

Thanks in advance!! :D
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