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2009 XTerra

A week ago I encountered a new 'event' and I am hoping that someone might have some advice on it.

I was driving to work and the instrument cluster quit working.

All of the 'warning' lights (Brake, Low Inflation, Slip, VDC OFF, etc.) came ON
And all of the gauges (speedometer, tach, fuel gauge, etc) either went to 0 or froze in place and did not move.

Driving a 4:30 AM with no speedometer was somewhat stressful since the police like to give tickets at that time of day.
Fortunately the engine and headlights were working.

Finally on getting to work, I turned the vehicle OFF.
On restarting it, the instrument panel was again working just fine.

But the mystery remains, what caused it to quit?
And how do I prevent from occurring again?

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