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I own a 2003 X with 107K on the clock. It has never been wrecked or heavy off roaded, it is mainly a winter time driver as I really need something that will handle big snowstorms at all hours of the day. I really like the vehicle, it needs some minor mechanical work done, Tbelt, pump, tensioner, t stat. Rear brakes, some rust broke out i\under the rubber seal around the windshield causing a crack. Headliner is falling.

Anyway, based upon it's condition, age, etc, I'm thinking I'll get those parts and repairs done and drive it thru the winter and possibly sell or trade it out for a few y/o X with 20-30K on the clock, I am seeing them available for the low $20K's. I'm thinking I can get around $5K for the X, kick in a few $K on a deal for a newer used. I used to manage a detail shop, my cars are real clean.

So what is the difference between the S and the PRO-4X?

It's weird, I want another 4wd, I like the Jeep Cherokee and the 4 door Wrangler hard top, but reliability sucks. I liked the Ford Explorer blacked out Sport version, might be out of my price range. Most of the 4wd vehicles are the crossovers, tooo car like, I want something that is more truck like. I was not really considering an X, but the more I think about it, it might be my best option. Mine has served me well, has the gas mileage improved? I get about 16 right now.
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