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Hi everyone I have a 2007 Xterra S.
I found the rear suspension is pretty hard. When I bought it I didn't do many researches and expect the rear stiff suspension like this.
I usually drive on road with my sister and her babies. They don't feel good sitting on the rear seats.

Is any modifications can provide more comfortable rear seats?
I'm not sure but it seems the shocks are stock.
I'm thinking about changing the shocks or leaf springs.
Any suggestion of them?
I've seen the Rancho set which can be ajusted. Does it help?

It's a great car. It takes me uphill and go through snow like piece of cake. But if I can't change this I may have to think about selling it.
I'm a fan of DIY so I'd love to improve it by myself.

Thank you for your ideas:)
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