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Mine came with lock nuts, which didn't work well since wrench access is tight. I purchased regular nuts to use so I could hold the nut with an open end wrench, and spin the bump stop down.

The stud is too long too for most of the gaps we have at the UCA, so you can either cut the stud down, or I popped the upper ball joint out to rotate the UCA up and out of the way.

I think your problem is a fundamental mis-understanding of how it all comes together, though (if I understand what you did).

As you jack the vehicle up...the UCA will droop. Matter of fact, the tire never comes off the ground...until the bump stop makes contact. You need to install with the tires on the truck, and the truck under its own weight. Or raise the tire, remove it, and pop your upper ball joint loose to rotate the UCA out of the way...partially disassembling the suspension.

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1 - 4 of 4 Posts
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