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I have a brake line leak... Found it.. have pics. Direction please

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So I noticed my brake fluid started to go down about half a cup every 3 weeks so I inspected the brakes last night. My front right brake pads were unevenly worn but everything else was fine.

But I found the point where the brake line was leaking was inside the wheel well of the passenger side tire where the brake lines that go across the engine compartment go down beside the exhaust manifold. It looks to be leaking on the top line in the picture ( I believe this is the line that goes to the back brakes. ) I pressed back the pistons on the front right to replace the brakes and I didn't see leakage from the other line that is inside that wheel well.

My question is.. Underneath the wrapping in the picture what will I find? Has anyone had this problem before?

Thanks for any insight in advance.
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No doubt I'll get OEM. If they supply the lines I'll get it. No way I'm doing all the bending/ flaring if I can help it.
1 - 2 of 3 Posts
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