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How To: "The Riehle Mod" Beer Holder!! for 1st Gen

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Have you ever sat a beer on your rear bumper while working on your X with the hatch up and the music blaring? Did you forget that your beer was still on the rear bumper before you SLAMMED your hatch door shut???

I HAVE!!!!...

Luckily, I came across the most excellent mod I have ever seen to relieve the agony of losing a beer...

This mod is called "The Riehle Mod", which came from "Riehle" on The New X at

The Riehle Mod is where you take your rear corner (plastic) bumper and cut a hole in it and attach a PVC pipe w/ drain, to hold a tasty beverage :D

"The Riehle Mod" Beer Holder for the 1st Gen. Us 1st Gens have less surface area to work with; but all of the info. below can be used for the 2nd Gens as well.

Supplies needed:

3" PVC pipe


Composite drain plug

JB Weld or JB Kwik


Use JB Weld or JB Kwik for drain plug collar >> **Rev. 1

Spray paint of your choice. Krylon & Rustoleum are good brands.

Annnd BEER :D

Tools needed:

Phillips head screwdriver. A midget screwdriver works best, especially when you have to remove the bumper from the wheel well.

3.5" hole saw w/ auger bit to attach to drill

Handsaw or pipe cutting saw

PVC heat gun. I used a Hot Glue Gun... I'll explain why in the caption.

Dremmel and 100-180-320 grit sheets

3.5" Hole Saw

3.5" Hole Saw w/ 3/8" auger bit

Hole Saw on drill :D

24" long piece of 3" PVC pipe, composite drain plug, & JB Weld **>> REV. 1 (DO NOT use PVC cement)

Fist things first... prep the area around the hole/surface of bumper cleaning & sanding. Removing any previous paint or cleaning product will allow the JB Weld to adhere a lot better.

Now, you need to find the center of the hole you are going to cut. I placed the hole saw on the bumper (w/o auger bit) and inserted a marker through the center hole of the hole saw to mark the center.

Once I had the center marked, I took a smaller drill bit and made a pilot hole, then I put the auger (w/o the hole saw) on the drill and made a larger hole... to act as a guide, for when I actually used the hole saw.

First pilot hole

Second pilot hole, using the auger bit

Forgot to take a pic of the hole (alone), but you get the idea LOL...

Once the hole was cut I put the PVC pipe through and marked the highest spot with a permanent marker and measured down 5.5", then I used the marker and traced around the pipe using the hole as a guide. After this, I cut the pipe with my handsaw.

Once I had the pipe cut to where I liked it, I attached the composite plug using JB Weld/Kwik. **>> REV. 1 (DO NOT use PVC cement)

Pipe in hole... duh ;)


"Welded" where the pipe met the underside of the bumper to hold it in place, w/ the hot glue gun.
/// DO NOT DEPEND ON THE GLUE AS A PERMANENT SOLUTION, this is just to hold the pipe in place for now. \\\


Applied the JB weld to the top, filled in any gaps I had, & smoothed the surface.

After the JB Weld dried*, I used the Dremel to sand down the JB weld and the PVC to smooth everything out.
*JB Kwik will dry in 4 minutes. I used the regular JB Weld, which took 4hrs.


Removed some of the glue and globed on JB Weld to the underside to provide a better attachment that will last.

While that was drying, I spray painted the bumper and beer holder, then slapped her back on the X.


And there you have it :) The best mod known to man :D

Note: the bottle/pipe are at an angle on my 1st Gen bumper. I tried to get the pipe to go vertical; however, the 1st Gen corner bumper geometry is wicked compared to the second gen... Hey, it works as a place to put my beer while I am working, camping, tailgating etc :D


EDIT: Cleaned up and painted on page 4.

**>> = Revised (Rev. #)
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I Love It!!!! I will be doing this for sure!!! Nice Ratt!!!!
Very nice. Thanks for bringing this to the first gens!
Dude this is SICK. will go great with my soon to be bumper mounted bottle opener.
Hahaha thats freakin awesome. Id totally do this if I didnt thnk Id find emptys in it every morning.
Thanks :)

I am the third Xer and the first 1st Gener to do this mod :D

A bottle opener will be added to my bumper.
Awesome dude. Now you need a bottle opener attached to the bumper!
This is a good mod, some people have too much time on there hands. but great mod
You are a sick Dude, man.... but the idea does have appeal! LOL
Now how will you incorporate a way to keep that joy juice cold? Nothing worse than hot brew!
You are a sick Dude, man.... but the idea does have appeal! LOL
Now how will you incorporate a way to keep that joy juice cold? Nothing worse than hot brew!


Awesome mod. I busted up my driver side rear bumper cap so this is perfect. You could extend the pipe down a bit and fill with ice, set the brew on top the ice and voila cold brew. You could also fill the inside of bumper cap with expandable foam and then you have a cooler. hmmm, this mod might evolve yet. bumper cap coolers...?
Real kool...that could easily be converted into a fishing pole holder mod too.
Y'all keep brainstorming... that's how we get these mods :D I still have the other side to do :D

I suggested to "ROOK", who is obsessed with pop-tarts, to make a pop-tart holder on one side.... hahahaha :D
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That is badass. Rep points given.

im thinking pony keg...
just put a tap on that mug

can you imagine getting pulled over and having a tap coming out of your bumper?
That is Awwesome!
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