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I've owned my 2000 for 5 years and never knew they gear selector on the auto transmission was illuminated. But sure enough it is and i replaced it today.


Phillips screwdriver (short helps) or a 10mm wrench

194 light bulb, very common. When selecting a bulb the oem one has a little blue cap on it, this is often torn trying to remove so it might be a bit better to get the pre-blued ones. If you get a standard the light will be a little yellowish instead of white. Although some blue bulbs are a little too blue.


If you have small hands it may be real simple, pull up the trim around the shifter and the bulb is off to the side just above where it says shift lock. Look for 2 red wires, follow them to the plug and twist it 1/8 turn and the bulb should come out, replace and reinstall and you should be good to go.

For those of us without small hands:

1) Remove the 8 screws (w/ phillps or 10mm) that hold the center console and shifter trim on, 6 of them are between the seat and console so you may need to slide it up or back to get to.

2) Pull center armrest section back a little so you can get the shifter piece out.

3) Remove 4wd shift knob and disconnect the power adapter from the back of the plug (you kind of have to do this blind)

4) Twist and pull up the trim over the transmission shifter

5) Look at the shifter and on the left side where it says shift lock you should see 2 red wires going into the side (see pic). This is where the bulb is. Twist it 1/8 a turn, pull out old bulb, add new bulb and put back together.

Now you can see what gear your in again at night.

the pic is with the shifter completely out, its not needed to do this, i just wanted to to clean it up a bit. The bulb is the little blue part in the upper left. Sorry the pic sucks, only had the cell.


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LOL! I just did that today on my 2009, except I put in a string of LED's in replacement of the bulb.

I just got my X two weeks ago, and this was my first ever MOD! Must say, I'm pretty proud of myself, considering I have really never done anything with cars.

Just gives me the confidence to do a lot more stuff!

This How to section is awesome! although, this one I couldn't find a write up on, so I just figured it out on my own :)
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