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How to recharge 2nd Gen Xterra A/C

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Can someone share with me a link or video on How-To properly recharge my A/C in my 06 Xterra? It's not leaking, someone didn't know what they were doing and unscrewed the green A/C cap and some of my freon leaked out. Now my A/C isn't blowing cold air.
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Removing that cap is the same as taking the cap off of a tire. Nothing should leak out until the actual valve that it protects is depressed. If they didn't depress the valve under that cap, then removing that cap should not have made the AC fail. If it did, then that valve has an issue.

Download the free FSMs for guidance on how to do the AC. It's not as simple as just adding freon. You can get them at the link in Post #10 below.

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