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Hey Guys,
My 2007 Xterra S has served me pretty well, but I have had two problems that were known of by Nissan but I wasn't notified about.

I have been notified of some problems, like the sensor that needs to be replaced if you live in states that use salt to clear the roads of ice in the winter, or the defective sensor that gives a false readout of the amount of gas left in your tank. I was grateful that Nissan notified me of small problems like this. HOWEVER, there have been 2 much larger problems that could have cost me a lot of money had I not figured out through my own investigation that Nissan was fully aware and covered these under warranty:

Problem #1:
The carpet on the passenger side began to get very wet whenever I ran the A/C. I took it in to the dealer and, sure enough, they knew about this problem--on some models the hose was too short and caused leakage. I was NOT notified in advance of this problem.

Problem #2:
My transmission made a weird squeak every time it shifted. I took it in to several different dealers, the first few saying they couldn't confirm my complaint. I got lucky with the last one, however. They said they knew about the problem, which was a crack in the radiator which lead to leaking onto (and damage of) the transmission. I was NOT notified in advance of this problem either.

So I have 2 questions: why the HELL didn't Nissan tell me in advance about the 2 problems they were aware of? And, is there somewhere I can go online that lists all problems with my vehicle that Nissan is aware of? I have a local mechanic that I prefer, but I'd obviously go to a dealer for problems that are actually covered under warranty because of a known defect.

It seems so unfair to me that Nissan knows of certain problems but chooses not to notify the consumer.

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There is a list of recalls on this forum but I'm not sure where. I know it's here because I've read it, but I have an '02. Do a search and maybe it'll come up. I'm on my phone so I don't know if I can find it in a timely manner

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The transmission issue was sent out in a letter in the mail. Have you owned the vehicle since new? I bought my 2007 used in 2009 and I still got the letter. The warranty on that went to 85000 miles I believe. The leaking in the passenger floorboard isn't a huge deal. It only takes a few minutes to repair and it's just a little water.
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