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Hey All,

I didn't see much on here referencing the SHORT version of heater core replacement so thought I'd share some tips since I just wrapped this up. I've seen pictures where the whole dash is ripped out including gauge cluster, etc. no need for all that. It's really not that bad a job doing it this way:

Parts needed:

TYC 96083 Replacement Heater Core
Dorman 902-099 HVAC Heater Core Tube

Tools needed:

Phillips LONG screwdriver (screwgun helps)
10mm socket (screw bolts holding AC box in)
Two adjustable crescent wrenches (for AC lines)
Coolant to refill heater core

1) Remove glovebox (same as changing cabin filter)

2) Screws around the center console (4) and pop out trim surrounding shifter. More screws below the shifter trim. Remove screws and front trim around radio/HVAC controls. This step is to gain access to TWO bolts to remove a metal L bracket that prevents you from removing the AC box.

3) From the engine bay, remove the two AC lines using a pair of crescent wrenches AFTER you have had the AC system professionally discharged.

4) Remove 10mm bolt Screws Holding the AC Box in, disconnect one wire connection at front-left of AC Box.

5) You now have access to the Heater Core!

6) This is the biggest pain of the job, you have to remove the 8 tiny phillips screws holding the two heater tubes to the core. Screwgun, a LONG screwdriver and patience help here.

7) Break small piece of plastic here to be able to slide the heater core out like a drawer.

8) I used a TYC heater core, it is slightly smaller but fits tight enough. I saw online the SPECTRA will not work! It is too thick for this "SHORT" version installation.

9)Don't forget to install the rubber gaskets for the tubes to core connection (included with DORMAN tubes). Re-use the 8 screws to connect heater core tubes (don't drop/lose them!)

10) Refill coolant, bleed system and check for leaks BEFORE re-installing the AC box.

11) Don't turn on AC button until you recharge system or you will burn up your compressor. Replace AC O-rings at engine bay connections before recharge.
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That's awesome! Thanks for posting.
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