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Gooooooooood Morning!
Ive got around 130k miles on my 2011. I’m 2nd owner of a previously primarily pavement Pro-4x. My former TARDIS, 2001 SE, went to heaven with about 185k. Both made me very excited to own n drive these amazing craft! These are my first off-road 4x4 vehicles and I absolutely love the X!
It’s given me exposure to a whole new world and I’ve seen our planet (and the night sky) from vantages that really blow my mind.


Hi everyone, I'm trying to figure out the average miles that people have on their x. Even if you have a buddy who has an x and isn't a member on the forum ask them to see how many miles they have on their x. My goal is to figure out a dependability rate for our trucks. So post a pic of your beast with the year/model and how many miles it has on it. I will go first.

2004 xe

Thanks everyone for your help
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101 - 101 of 101 Posts