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Hood latch issues

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Hey guys, new to the club. Looking to get some help. My hood won't seem to close all the way (or lock into the hood latch lock system). Every time I'm driving on the highway the hood bounces fairly strongly. Not sure if it needs to be replaced. Any information would be much appreciated.


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Looks like you have two bolts missing on each side of the bracket. The latch may be pivoting when you close the hood and that's why it is still loose.

Try finding a couple of bolts to put on each side and then give it a try.

Otherwise, there might be a slight adjustment needed... I would try to move the bracket up a little bit like 1/4 of an inch if possible.
There are also 2 "posts" (with rubber on top) on each side of the frame where the hood rests when its closed. Maybe those need to be adjusted.

They may be too low, and the hood seems loose, or the posts may be too high and preventing the hood from engaging the 2nd latch point.
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