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First Post!

I'm not an Xterra owner, but am not new to Nissans or the vq40 platform. I had an 08 LE 4wd Frontier that I traded for an 07 LE 4wd Pathfinder.

There aren't many forums dedicated to Pathfinders and the ones that are usually are filled with posts about detailing or changing dome lights to LEDs.

Since that Pathfinders and X's are pretty similar I thought I'd join CX to get some ideas.

The Pathfinder is bone stock and hasn't been off road much (yet). I had my Frontier all over the place.

And now for the pics!

Of the Pathfinder:

The Day I bought/traded it :)

A short, easy trail at a local place called Big Fork

My newest toy :)

Here are some of my old Frontier:

NOAS Event @ Coal Creek 2009

At a local place called Big Fork. I just need a leeeetle bit more clearance :( Stupid LWB of the frontiers.

And, Finally - a pic of all my toys together for bathtime Sunday:


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Welcome to the Club!

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