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Hi I need help with my Xterra it's a 2000 SE v6 3.3l I bought it recently n it only has bout 164,000 miles on it. But right after I got it it started having issues. When I would come to red lights the RPM would idle (under 1 so it wasn't really a transmition issue) but it would shake with the car want moving, then the check engine light came on. I have it a tune up changed the distributed cap and router and gave it a oil change.The issue still persisted, then one day I was driving to school and it caught on fire under the hood! It was a mess. Turns out the oil line brusted and was spilling hot gas on to the main Wire harness ( can someone please tell me the name of the main wire harness and where to find the cheapest, also somehow also tell me how to install it)(which is i know a lot of work)and distributer cables. Now I need a whole new wire harness for it and oil line ( which is just tunbing not that expensive) I'm not sure if my car was experiencing a misfire or there's something very wrong . Pls help. I really appreciate it. ^^Also has this happens to anyone else before ???
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