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Help with valve cover gasket on '01X

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I have developed an oil leak that the mechanics said is most likely the valve cover gasket which is dripping onto the exhaust and ever so unpleasant and smoky:) I have searched and found several people say that this is a pretty easy task. I recently changed the plugs, wires, cap and rotor - although it was one of the most interesting I have ever done. I have not been able to find a description of the process or a source for the steps. The mechanic says it is a 3-4 hour job and mostly labor cost, so I would prefer to do the labor if it is easy enough...Any help would be appreciated.:)
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I had/have an oil smell. I just replaced the valve cover gasket and that has helped. It was still leaking oil so I tightened the VCG where it was leaking and that seemed to help. My question; is there a suggested tightness for the VCG and should I have been able to screw it down more?

TJTJ has the manuals. I wonder if he could shed some light on this.

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