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Help with 1st gen ECM removal

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My 2001 Xterra was recently smacked with floodwater while it was sitting in my driveway. The engine didn't take on water, and I got it to run for 5-10 minutes after letting it dry out for a few days, but the ECM decided to self destruct in the process. I would like to replace it with one from a salvage yard if I can find it, but I am having a hell of a time removing the damn thing. My wifes Civic was 2 bolts and it was off, but this Xterra is teasing me. I can hold the ECM like a sandwich and see the two bolts to remove it, but getting to them is another story. I have the center console removed along with the stereo, I can't figure out how to get the duct out of the way so I can reach the damn bolts. It's an automatic with 4 wheel drive if that helps anything. I just want to try to get this vehicle back to life so I can either drive it or sell it. Any help would be appreciated as I haven't been able to find any guidance through Google searches.
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Here's a pic of the id code. I couldn't find any through Haven't had a chance to check out my local U-pull-it yard yet.
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