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So I have a 2001 nissan xterra 6cyl 2wd it had a few problems that we sent it to the shop to have fixed it has been at the shop for 3 weeks and the mechanic called to tell me that we are down to it having one thing that needs to be fixed and he said he can't figure it out! We had all 6 fuel injectors replaced with new ones and we replaced the crankshaft sensor with a new one. And now the only problem we can't figure out is the rpms keep jumping and the car rides so rough shacking and jerking we replaced the crankshaft sensor because that was the code it was even after putting a new crankshaft sensor on it's still throwing the crankshaft sensor code and doing the jerking and shaking and the rpms are still going crazy and jumping.we double checked all the wires around the crankshaft sensor all was Well. We checked to make sure it wasn't a cracked head or anything all was good. What in the world could it be? Any help or advice would be so gratefully appreciated!
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