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I am in the process of rebuilding the VG33E in my '00 X XE 4WD. I have it out of the rig and stripped down, and am in the final steps of cleaning it up. I removed the starter and the plate it mounts on, and while cleaning it, I had to scrape off two gaskets, one on each side. They looked identical, and looked to be factory-installed.

I have identified the plate as the right side transmission-to-engine gusset, or p/n 30429 here:,320_C001,30429

I can not find the gaskets anywhere. I did locate some mention of them on some website, but they were calling them a spacer. Mine were paper, and were die cut like a factory item. To be clear, these gaskets would go between the starter motor and the gusset on one side, and between the gusset and transmission bellhousing on the other side.

The gusset plate still has the outline on them on both sides, and my starter still has remnants stuck to it, so I know I'm not crazy.

Are these actually gaskets? I'm assuming it's to keep outside moisture and debris from entering the clutch? Or are they spacers for the starter to engage the flywheel correctly.

I'm stumped here. Thanks in advance for any help.
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