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Hello. My husband just called me letting me know his 2003 Xterra SE died on his way to work. He had driven it for 20 mins on the freeway with no problems. While pulling into his parking lot (which has a small incline), his Xterra just died. He was able to get it pushed over so he wasn't blocking the driveway.

When he turns the ignition, everything lights up and it seems like it's trying to start (makes the starting noises and whatnot), but it won't fully contact and start.

We recently had the battery replaced, starter replaced, head gaskets replaced, and spark plugs replaced. There are about 148K miles on the vehicle. I rode in it yesterday and didn't notice and issues or lag when it started.

Trying to figure out what it could possibly be so we can figure out if we need to have it towed to a repair shop or if it's an easier fix, towed home to have a friend work on it.

Suggestions? I asked my husband if it was throwing any codes, but not sure how it shows up on a Nissan. My old Civic Si would flash and could read it from there...

Thanks for your help in advance!!!
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