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Hi everyone i bought my x with 240,000 miles on it about a year ago now from my boss we did a bunch of maintenance on it last year and it never had an issue until i got my hands on it. About last year in December my truck decided to stall on my way to work i got it to start but a few seconds later it died again after checking a few things and running a scanner to see what codes i was throwing it was my ignition switch, so i replaced my dizzy and set tge timing on it and it was running fine but it happened again and it was the same problem so i replaced the dizzy again and i was running better then before and one day on my way to work the truck started acting up again and this time it felt like the fuel pump. So i toke it out tested the fuel pump and it was a bad fuel pump put everything back together and it happened again, the truck stalled and this time it didnt want to crank over.

I check the fuses and replaced them just cause but i have check the relay cause im not sure where it is yet.

Can someone please help my out with this. I do really like the x ans have big plans for it bit i need this thing to run perfect again
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