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Hi guys,

It's been a while since I wanted to register on this website, but I finally had a chance to do so. My name is Eugene and I own a 2014 Xterra S. I purchased this vehicle in October 2014 with 11K miles on it and did couple modifications. I have a mild 2" lift and upgraded to 33" tires. I was mostly driving smaller cars since I moved to US in 2002 (VWs, Hondas, etc) and traded my last car which was a Toyota Venza for my XTerra. Venza was a great car but I made a huge mistake by buying a 4cyl 2WD version. It couldn't handle the snow well and I wanted something more secured to drive my kids in. I love my Xterra and I think it was the best decision ever. I didn't do any heavy off roading yet, but would love to try that at some point. Just need to find someone in the area who would be willing to join me. I don't see any modded Xterra's in my area, mostly Wranglers, so I am hoping to find folks in the area. I have a story why I hate Jeeps so much, but I would leave it for later :)

Here's the pic of my 2014 Xterra:

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