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Hi folks, I'm new. From NC and currently live in PA. Bought my wife the 2k Xterra for $2k with 200k miles on it. Yeah its got problems and may not be worth what I paid but my wife wanted a jeep and I told her to deal with the X as my family had one when I was growing up and loved it.

Together hopefully we will fix these issues and have this thing working great. Here is a quick run down on what I've got.

Knock sensor code. Probably going to do the resistor thing I see on here. At the price I paid for this I am not going to worry with replacing the sensor.

O2 sensor code, circuit bank 2 sensor 2. I crawled underneath and saw a sensor on the drivers side red cable that is broken. Not sure how the whole wire thing came off the sensor but I'm thinking that's my issue.

Small evap leak. ? Maybe gas cap? Maybe more?

General oil under the X. Not dripping into driveway but I do see it in areas. We will figure out later if its bad.

No visible coolant in the radiator. So many possibilities but the oil looks good and no white smoke from exhaust...

Sometimes doesn't start. The battery is from 2009 so its probably ready to go. But the starting issue doesn't seem to be that. My wife swares it starts everytime if she pumps the gas first. She pumps the gas pedal twice before even putting in the keys and so far it starts. This may just be luck haha. This is the current issue keeping me from letting her drive it. It will turn over like once and then stop. No clicking or anything.

The shifter is wobbly. It's a manual 4x4. It shifts into gear fine but when it is in gear there is a good 4 inches that I can move the shifter left to right back and back and forth or in a circle. In my old PT cruiser there were bushings you could replace to make the shifting stiff again because the rubber ones rotted away. I tried to see if that was the case here but I cant really see anything from under the car and when I removed the boot I see a rubber plate (?) that is embossed 4wd and it doesn't let me see down under the car interior. I feel like if I removed the screws around the metal thing that holds that down that maybe I could see what my issue is... But I'm not brave enough to go at it without advice.

Cosmetic stuff... Well I love going to the junk yards haha. Bought the cargo cover for $15 and a brake light to replace a broken one, also $15. The X has a cracked windshield and needs new front tires. The step bars are peeling and the previous owner painted the bumpers black but did a terrible job. Didnt use the right paint either so it always feels sticky. Headlights are foggy, simple fix, and its a base model with no fancy stuff.

So... After reading this you may ask, "why did you buy this POS?" Well... My wife liked it. I approved that it wasn't a total crapmobile and left it to her judgement on the purchase. I also really liked that it had two previous owners and owner #1 kept in depth maintenance records on it. They owned it until 150k and no records on 2nd owner. I wish I could find the first owner and talk to them!

So that's what I've got. Do any of you have any ideas on fixes for my problems? In time I will make separate posts for everything.

I'm glad to be here with you all and wish me luck!
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