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Heater/AC fan not blowing air

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So i have a 2002 Xterra SE SC 4X4 the heater/ac fan is not blowing any air. This started about a year ago with it blowing 90% of the time then slowly over time not working at all. When the heat is on, it does get hot and the a/c it gets cold but there is no air actually blowing. I do take my rig into the woods and there is a good possibility that something is loose, just not sure where to start?? I have checked 2 fuses inside the car 15 amp listed as blower, and those are fine. Not sure of any other fuses i may have missed??

I have replaced the Blower Motor and still does not work, so figured i would try the resistor since its a cheap part. Still does not work.

**ALSO, when the car is running and i have it set to HEAT, and change from 1-4 speed you can hear the motor change like when you turn the A/C on, however it never blows cold air.. It's as if its drawing power when i turn those switches, not sure if its supposed to do this or if it did this previously and i never noticed??

So i decided to test the Blower Motor connector to see if there was any power going to the motor and there is not. Does this mean my climate control switch is out?? I went to a wrecking yard and picked up a used switch for $56.00, it has the cables attached to it as well, looks a little intimidating to take the old one out of my car.

I'm not super knowledgeable about electrical stuff, so if anyone has any input before I try replacing the climate switch, I would really appreciate it! Also, there are no videos on YouTube to take that part out, does anyone have a thread to guide me or videos?? I have a feeling the whole dash has to come out, and it may be a pain...?

I was really hoping it was the blower motor, such an easy part to replace and seems to be a very common issue.

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Today i decided to try and access the control switch by removing the dash, I was able to remove just the center parts to be able and disconnect it and plug it into the used one i have bought.. Still does not work, so decided to test the connector itself and make sure there is power going to the control switch itself, NO POWER!!! After triple checking the fuses in the fuse box inside the car, we decided to test the fuse box itself. Only the LEFT HALF of the fuse box has power and the other side does not have any power...

So, for a temporary fix we connected a fuse on the left side (that was not being used) to my blower fuse on the right side with a wire that had a fuse between the two.. and that made everything work just fine.. Guess i may have to replace the fuse box itself..? Or something bad in my wiring is causing this.. Either way, for now i have a heater!!

I hope this may help anyone who has a similar issue, when the common things that go wrong are not fixing the problem.. Also, wanted to thank everyone for the feedback to my original message...:icon_rolleyes:
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Hi XxaMaxX,

I am referring to the fuse box inside the car (mine is on the drivers side kind of under the dash).. but you can check yours in the glove box if that is where it is located. Check for a fuse on the panel that is listed blower or heater fan or something along those lines, check to see if those fuses are blown first. Mine has 2 15amp fuses listed as blower, when i checked the fuses they were not blown. I had replaced the blower motor, the resistor and checked the climate control switch as well as the connectors to them before realizing i am not getting power to the fuse box.

To test my fuse box to see if i had power to the fuses, i pulled the fuses listed as blower and took a electrical tester and poked it into the holes where the fuse would plug into.. one side will be positive and the other is negative... when i did this my tester light did not come on, meaning i had no power there. I tested other fuses and they worked fine. So what i did was take a wire to a unused fuse, put it on the positive then connected it to the positive on my blower fuse. And in between the fuses i made sure to have a mini fuse box with a fuse in it, in case something happens. i can post a picture of this if needed, this made everything work just fine.

I am no electrical expert, but i had a friend helping me who is very good with this stuff... I don't recommend this being a permanent fix and would use caution to make sure its done "properly". Not sure how much different the 2006 xterra is but you may have a different issue? I think my fuse box not having power to it, seems to be an uncommon thing.
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