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Headliner Replacement

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I have done some research and this seems like a fairly easy process based on the DIY write-ups. However, I have a 2004 SE with the sunroof.. and none of the write-ups seem to have the sunroof.

SO I'm just wondering if anyone has some info on how to remove and reinstall the section of the headliner around the sunroof? I'm assuming I have to remove the trim around it, but I want to be sure to do this properly and be able to reattach it.
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Bump. Someone has to know how to do this. I've seen finished products, just no write-ups.
Thanks guys. Just wanted to be sure it wasn't more complex than that. Does the trim just pull out and go right back in then?
Yep just take a pudy knife and start working around the edges.i think the key here is a big steady work table maybe a 4/8 plywood and a second person.
Perfect, thanks.
1 - 4 of 9 Posts
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