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Group Buy for P&P Engineering Gen2 / Level II Sliders

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Hi there,

I am looking to buy some P&P Engineering Level II sliders for my Gen 2.

When I contacted P&P they said that they could offer 15% off for a group buy of 10+ and 20% for 20+ with 50% due on order and the balance plus shipping due upon completion. That's $331.50 or $312 for bare finish.

They can be found here:

PM me if interested. If at least 9 other people are in I'll contact P&P again to see about setting up the group buy.

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Wait... $331 with the powdercoat??? If we get 20 +?
Wait... $331 with the powdercoat??? If we get 20 +?
Sorry, I wasn't clear. Those were the 15% and 20% numbers for bare metal only.

All of these are prices BEFORE shipping:

Bare metal
Regular price = $390, 10 order discount 15%=$331.50, 20 order discount of 20% = $312

Sorry for the confusion. I did clarify with them that they will offer the discount for Gen 1 too since they can offer the discount based upon a bulk order of materials.
Got it. Still would be a good price. PM sent.
1 - 6 of 6 Posts
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