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gettin tha money!!

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Hey everyone, im goin to be gettin some cash soon and im looking to spend it all on my X. Iv got AC shackles and im looking to change it into a full 3" SL. Do i just need UCA's and Tbars? (goin to get AC's idler arm brace). Do i need to get the AAL's too? and what are zerk paddings...? eliminates sqweaks sounds very good.

By now i know u guys are the one's to ask....

PS: IM going to go with bilstien shock for sure just have these dang rancho rsx's on ATM, just goin to wait for them to were out. When i bought them they where 59.99 each and bil's where 59.99 each but somebody from 4x4 parts convincted me that rancho's where better then bil's by far....LOL my ranchos are like half the width of bilstiens and personally after seeing Woodys bil's im thinking they look only 100 times better.LOL
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yeah from my understanding, the shackles give about 1.5" of lift. so if you wanted the full 3 in the rear, Im thinking the single aal from ac will do it. i have the 3 pack which gives me 3" so thats why im guessing the combination of your shackles and the 1 leaf will get you to the proper height. for the front, you dont NEED new t-bars. Just the UCA's although the tbars are nice and stiff compared to the stockers. I believe ac says theirs are 30% stiffer.
thanx for reply

:wink-big: Kool... uummm if i were to to get a 3 AAL it'll just make my towing better right....???? lol im not for sure about this but im thinking that it might make my stock leafs life longer, cuase it would put less pressure on them but then agian im not sure....i just want to get everything needed to make my ride comfortable in town and offroad no sqweauks or nothin. Know i want AC UCA's.... and Tbars just goin to wait for my T bars to were out.. just need some advice to get me movin in correct direction dont wanna F up on everything LOL thanx for the help man:wink-big:
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