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Editing this first post for better continuity.

Finished Mods
- Club X sticker ~Done See post #2
- ARB bumper ~Done See this thread
- Quick disconnect Winch wiring ~Done See this thread
- ScangaugeII ~Done See post #10
- Radio transmitters ~Done Ham & CB install
- GPS/mapping ~Done Needs write-up, pics
- Rack ~Done See post #18, #21
- Receiver ~Done See post #28
- Secure handgun storage ~Done - Used Secure-it and hard mounted, not impervious but should deter smash & grab
- Back up lighting ~Done - Need pics
- New Horns (since I killed oem with water hose) ~Done See this thread
- Hefty Fabworks Sliders ~Done See this post

Things on my to-do list:

- 2nd Battery
- Quick disconnect Jumper cables
- Rack mounted awning
- Interior hatch release

I don't foresee doing any mechanical mods until the basic warranty is up so until then I'll just keep doing mini-mods.

What was I thinkin' not puttin pics in this first post. This is ClubX we live for pics!

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I'm looking forward more to what he's going to do with the mods! Like trip photos and action shots! hahaha
Looking forward to seeing what you do with it. Congrats again on the new ride!
Hey, ill be interested to see your "secure handgun storage" ive been trying to come up with something myself.
Hey, ill be interested to see your "secure handgun storage" ive been trying to come up with something myself.
Check out the one that Unclehardrock did (
this auto antenna for the cb sounds very interesting to me. i am definitely looking forward to that one.....please move it to number one on your mod list as i don't do well with
Here's my scangauge. I really like the angle and that its tucked up out of the way but it did crack my knuckles a few times when putting the X into park.
It also covers from sight the VDC, Downhill assist & locking diff buttons but how often do you really use those? Easy enough to stick a finger up there (hey hey watch where your minds go!)
Velcro for now until I figure out where other stuff might go.

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The auto antenna is kind of out there Unclehardrock. My plan was to get a Firgelli miniature actuator to raise/lower the antenna but at around $76 plus running wires through the overhead in the stock roof hole for the overhead lights, it's going to have to wait until dry, warm weather aka summer. Sorry.

Next up is a Dephep stealth rack & secure storage for my pistol. I'm going to try one of these: Secure-It! from Cabela's under the backseat with some decent hardware. Short of stealing the whole X, I want to mainly protect against a fast smash & grab job.

Oh for those of you interested in actuators :
Looks good!
Looking good so far!
Had a chance to fire up the roof lights and drive around a bit with them, wow, I'm quite impressed with their output. They really lit up the road in front and around me, bit on the hood but they were so bright out front it didn't matter.

I forgot my camera or I'd have taken a few shots but next time if the weather is better I'm hoping to take some distance shots and find out just what pattern they are throwing out.

Had the scangauge set to show volts and they didn't cause a big enough drop to really notice, from maybe 14v down to 13.8v but since I was sliding around I wasn't watching the volts all that hard.

I think my 4runner buddy may want to install some driving lights in the near future hehe.
looking good dude
how do u like that '09 X so far?
I'm loving it, bluex.
Really looking forward to spring and going on some road trips with it. I've had to rethink how I pack gear for outings since I no longer have 8'x4' of pack space with a weather sealed canopy over it but I'm slowly uncluttering my grab & go boxes/bags to better fit the size of the X's storage.
Woot! My Dephep rack just arrived, none the worse for wear.
Now I just have to wait out the rain to get it installed.
Tomorrow I think I'll go down to one of our Line-X shops and see what they quote me. If the quotes are too high I'll just give it a coat of hammerite and that will protect it from the weather.

The quality is just outstanding. I highly recommend you talk to Dephep about getting a rack if you're looking for a sturdy storage rack that doesn't interfere with the overall height of your X.

Now that I have the rack I can start planning my antenna mounts, back up lights, shovel, axe & eventual high lift mounting points too.

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We need pics!!!!
Should be some scattered about in this thread or you can view them all here in no particular order :
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