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Owned since 2008 with 13,000 miles. Currently 143,000 miles, Black with gray interior. 4.0 V6, 6 speed manual.
Nissan Class III receiver Hitch with 7 prong and 4 prong wiring assembly.
Interstate Battery, Heat, AC, 4wd, wipers all work.
All wipers new in 2019, 2 sets of front wipers (all season and winter wipers)

Recent repairs:
New radiator (September 2019)
All new [drive-train] U-Joints (March 2019)
New tie rod ends (March 2019)
New oil cooler gasket (March 2019)
Alignment @ 137,000 miles (March 2019)
New battery cables/terminals (September 2018)
New O2 sensors (June 2018)
New NGK spark plugs 129,000 miles (June 2018)
New Denso coil packs 129,000 miles (June 2018)
New Timken DS hub assembly 129,000 miles (June 2018)
New Clutch 111,000 miles (February 2017)
New tailgate lift cylinders (June 2015)
New Belt Tensioner 86,00 miles (April 2015)
New Fan/Alternator Belt 86,000 miles (April 2015)
Front brake pads and rotors 86,000 miles (April 2015)
Rear brake pads and rotors 86,000 miles (April 2015)
New fuel pump sending unit (September 2009)

Spare parts included: 2 oil filters, new front and rear brake pads, new front axles, new Timken front hub assembly
Also have Nissan Off-Road and 4x4 emblems if interested

Has small dent in top of PS wheel well, as well as PS rear fairing behind wheel.
Will need tires soon.

Norwalk, CT
Asking $7000
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