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Well since my brake pads started sqeaking a week ago I decided it was time to replace them... I figured about 20 mins per side once I had all the parts. But, after I had taken off the tires I realised that I would have to replace the rotors as well as they were quite worn down and would probably warp soon.
I went into town again to pickup the rotors and started again. I took off the brake caliper and the other metal bracket thingy and realised that the rotor wasn't going to just slide off like on my old chevy. I looked at it for a while, gave it a few taps with the hammer and soon realised it wasn't coming off this way.
Since I'm not a mechanic at all I was pretty stumped as to how I was to get this thing off so I called a friend to help me. He came over and said I had to take the whole wheel bearing out!!!:usuck:
He took it all apart for me then said he had torun and left me with this pile of small parts :usuck:and I had to figure out how to get this back together. Sweating my balls off I repacked the bearings with grease as he showed me and then started painfully putting the pieces backtogether.
3 hours later I put the last tire back on and everything worked!! I'm pretty proud at myself for getting this thing back together and decided that before doing anything on my X I'm going to have to consult with this site and make sure I know what I'm getting into.
Moral of the story... Always consult with ClubX
1 - 3 of 3 Posts
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