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Just wanted to share an experience in hopes that it saves some time and heart ache.

I bought my son's 2003 X (3.3 supercharged) brand new, drove it for 13 years, then handed it off to my son. We lifted it, put in a steering enhancement kit, big ass sub woofer, cargo basket, 34" tires, offset wheels.

A few months ago, it lost all power and would stall while idling. I could get it up to 60 on the highway if I was lucky. The stalling didn't happen when the engine was cold and it was in fast idle, but once it warmed up, it would stall when in gear and the brake applied. No computer codes.

I read a lot of posts on this and other X forums. I replaced the IAC unit, the distributor, the fuel pump and fuel filter, and cleaned the MAF sensor. I bit the bullet and found a MAF online for $37 complete with housing. Bingo. Thing runs like a striped ass ape. It now has 242K on it and the only major thing I did was drop a junkyard tranny in it because 2nd gear was slipping. Can't wait to get it out and do some wheeling.

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