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If your a little OCD about things like me you may have found the illumination lights on your hazard switch and rear defroster switch have went out. For me, especially in the winter this bugs me. So time to fix it.

Short phillips screwdriver
Small jewelry flathead or similar (have to pry a small spot)
Micro-lamps from radio shack Part #7219, $1.99
Small pliers
Small wire snips
Patience (dealing with little things)

1. Remove the dash trim, 2 screws above the speedo and tach, and 2 above the radio trim. Pull it out and unplug the 2 switches.

2. Starting with the Rear defrost switch, flip it over and insert the small screwdriver or pry tool along the 4 tabs that hook it together (they are at each corner of the bottom of the switch). See pic 1

3. You'll see 2 white caps that hold the bulbs, the left is the on light, the right is the illumination one. Pull the right one out, should just slide right off. See pic2

4. Now comes the fun. On the back you will see a small wire looping through and to the outsides to make contact with the terminals, you need to pull those lines back out, then separate the bulb from the white case being careful not to damage it. Once you are done you should have the bulb out like in pic 3

5. Now take your new radio shack bulb and slide the ends through the center of the white cap. You should see the 2 holes you have to make it through. Now ben the wire back through the edges of the caps so they will make contact with the copper barbs when you put it back on.Then clip the end of the wire so theres none sticking out the front. see pic 4

6. Slide the white cap back in place, then reassemble the switch. Its easiest to get the front in first then compress the switch and snap the bottom back in.
At this point it should be ready to go back in.

7. The hazard switch. Same steps as above for the defrost switch BUT. When you feed the wire through the first time, it actually will get fed BACK in another time. Then you snip the wire. You'll see it when you take it off. I tried to get pics but its just too small to make out even in macro mode.

8. Put them back in the dash, give it a test run and screw everything back in and enjoy.



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I know this DIY was posted a long time ago but I wanted to say thank you so much! It’s been so long since I saw those lights that I couldn’t even remember if they were originally lit or not. I’m so glad I found this. Unfortunately, Radio Shack went out of business in my area so I ordered the bulbs from Amazon and the bulb for my hazard switch was only wrapped around once but thanks to your instructions I was able to get my lights working again and I couldn’t be happier! :D
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