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Good morning everyone.

Since my new lenses came in last Friday, including the Fisheye lens I wanted for creating single shot panoramas, I went back to Grand Canyon this past Tuesday to try out the Fisheye and the 50mm.

The fisheye was very impressive with its sharpness.
At an F-stop setting of F11 over 90% of the image was fully sharp.
Only the very edges of the frame lost some sharpness, which is normal for all super wide angle lenses, but a little cropping will take care of that.

Photos taken with a Fisheye, however, do require some manipulation to correct the extreme lens curvature inherent with them.
This is the nature of a lens that crams a 180 degree field of view onto a camera sensor designed for a 90 degree view.

However, I was able to correct this curvature and in the process create a wide panorama,

Here are 4 images showing before and after lens curvature correction.
As you can see the aspect ratio of the corrected image is wider.

In the past I had to take 3 or more photos with a narrower lens and stitch them together to make a panorama.
That process sometimes created distortions where the separate images overlapped, and were hard to remove.

Now with the Fisheye, and with some manipulation, I can now create the same panoramas with a single shot without the distortions created by stitching together multiple photos.

Any questions feel free to reply.
Very nice. The color and clarity are there for sure. Hiked to the bottom on the south side back in the 70's. Dang mule bumped me and my backpack off the trail for a wild slide down the slope. Mule rider never said a word....before or after!
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