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First to second-gen bumper conversion possible?

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is it possible to put the front and rear bumper assembly (including the grill and the lights) from a second gen X onto a first Gen X.

I bought the car with damage to the front bumper and i was recently hit in the rear and got a check for the damages. My father owned a body shop for twenty years and has tons of experience in this kind of stuff but is not sure about it. I am just wondering if anyone has heard of this ever being done.
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I have a few local freinds that own places that sell all that stuff. Just so we don't end up hijacking this tread, just PM me what all you think you'll need and I'll get it to them. SuicideDoors is not a bad way to go either though, they have just gotten so slow since they've got way bigger than Jason ever wanted to, lol.

As far as I know they are torsions in the front. I'll see if I can find some picks of a guy around here that has a bagged first gen. I'm not sure if it ever got body dropped, last I saw it, it was shaved and laying on the side steps, lol. It was killer! I usually do at least 6-8 full setups and a few body drops a year. I've cut way back, lol.
yes the front end of the 00-04 X has T-bars....
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