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Hi to all at clubxterra, this is my first contribution, and I apologize for it not being the most flowing piece of writing. I own an 01 xterra that for a long time was without its reverse lights working. At first if you held the shifter in reverse it worked, but then that too stopped working. And we lived without the reverse lights for a while, a long while, but i got tired of it being a pain in the ass when in parking lots so i decided to see whats up. Im unsure of the exact mechanics but obviously something presses on the switch and completes the circuit, and the reverse lights turn on. This isnt exactly a DIY, you will need the help of a machine shop, but dont be scared off by that, for me the cost was 5 dollars and a few minutes of time.

1) First make yourself a useful tool, take a 19mm socket and cut a notch in it with a die grinder, basically make it like a 19mm O2 sensor socket. You can get a 19mm socket at autozone for 4 bucks.

2) get under the car and disconnect the reverse light switch, and use your newly made socket to unbolt it from the trans.

3) once you have it out, reconnect the reverse light switch to the harness, turn your ignition to on(dont start the car), and go back underneath the truck and depress the plunger on the switch and look for your reverse lights turning on. this is where a friend or a mirror will be helpful. if the lights turn on, obviously the switch is functional.

4) at this point you have to make a small decision, the switch will need to be taken to a machinist to have the plunger extended by 1/4", or you can reinstall that switch and buy a new one from autozone, locally sold it was 15 dollars, and take the new one to a machinist and have it modified. Basically the plunger is press fit into the switch, and now seems too short to function. A machinist will be able to extend the plunger or make a new one. My machinist extended mine by 1/4". It cost me 5 dollars.

that is a picture of the old plunger out, and the new longer plunger installed into the switch. I did not get a chance to take a few photos of the machinist at work. I hope this helps anyone out there that might have the same issue. Good luck, if anyone has a question you can pm me.
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