I have the parts listed below for sale that I originally purchased for my 2002 RWD Xterra, but the transmission went out on the car and I didn't get a chance to install these parts.

I'm asking $400 OBO. I bought everything for around $500 on rockauto, the listed prices below are there just to show what I paid and all of the parts are new/still in box. If anyone is interested please send me an offer for everything, I am willing to ship, I can give a shipping estimate based on location.

2002 NISSAN XTERRA 3.3L V6Price EachQTYPrice
DELPHITA2087Tie Rod End$13.062$26.12
DELPHITA2367Tie Rod End$13.472$26.94
DELPHITL2000Center / Drag Link$44.791$44.79
MOOGRK620658Control Arm$64.791$64.79
MOOGRK620657Control Arm$64.991$64.99
MOOGRK620556Control Arm$100.791$100.79
MOOGRK620557Control Arm$104.791$104.79
MOOGK90024Stabilizer Bar Bushing$7.231$7.23
MOOGK90389Stabilizer Bar End Link / Bushing$3.042$6.08
SKPSK9500Idler Arm$12.101$12.10