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So a friend of mine had a blown up 02 xterra that we finally swapped a new to us jdm vg33 into the nearly quarter million mile XE chassis. I'll get some photos up soon as it's 28 outside in Dallas and I just don't want to go outside to shoot it tonight. It's going to be the dog vehicle as it actually has enough room in the back compared to my Focus. No real plans beyond maintenance and having a reliable third vehicle in case we need it or the mod bug bites my and I want to put a much larger turbo on my daily. I'll make a new post asking why I can't get the driver's door open tonight, I assume it's the sudden cold because my friend was able to get into it to drive over to my house before dinner. Hopefully I'll find a community like the old Subaru community I used to have before I moved farther north of Dallas to Richardson.
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