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Feb 2012 XOTM

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Lets get this started. Nominate your favorite. 1 pic only and you can nominate yourself.

Not eligible for nomination:

March 2011 - Xterra Mike Gen1
April 2011 - Timb Gen1
May 2011 - Powerguy37 Gen1
June 2011 - GlamisDunesStar Gen2
July 2011 - Morb Gen1
August 2011 - cgvalant85 Gen1
September 2011 - Rattfink Gen1
October 2011 - Bkyln.X Gen1
November 2011 - Zachbiz Gen1
December 2011 - Rook Gen2
January 2012 - T-Ray Gen1
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^^^Mike? When did T-Ray become a gen 2?
oops. Thanks bro, i'm a little tired.
Holy crap, didn't see that coming! Thanks! I gotta get some better pics now!

Here's one with the puppy, lol:
Would you rather use this pic?

Thanks dude!!!

Can use this pic instead??

Thanks took that picture BTW :D
Oh sh*t, i did?
Yea at one of the ECXC...think it is trail 22??
nope, trail 19 i think

I don't know, I feel like all my pics are crappy, LOL. I guess keep the one Racer picked for now, I'll let you know if I come up with something better.
Ok but pick one before we get 10 nom's. after that you'll have to stick with that pic
1 - 12 of 33 Posts
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