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Hey Ya'll,

So I'm new to the forum, and also to the Xterra world (Just bough mine a month ago and have been making repairs). This Xterra was in good condition when I bought it but had it's little issues, such as a knock sensor which I just replaced last week. Anyways to the main problem question, and this might be a story.

In short the engine seems to sputter and die, sometimes just sputter and pick back up to normal RPMs. This issue only arises when at idle or going low speeds (less than 10mph). It will also ONLY occur when the engine reaches normal operating temperature. I'm from Utah so in the mornings it is cold and it will run without issue. It will start right back up. Fluids are all good, coolant a little high but not bad.

Items recently replaced:
- Knock Sensor
- Spark Plugs & Wires
- Fuel Filter
- Distributor "Appears" new
- Coolant
- Intake Manifold Gasket

Just an "Example" if you'd like to read... I recently had the codes P0183 & P0463 after I replaced the Knock Sensor. These codes were in the system without the Engine light on. I REPEAT, the Engine light has been off ever since I replaced the knock sensor (over 500 miles ago), and still is OFF. I cleared the codes roughly 100 miles ago and have been unable to get any codes since. So now I sit with NO CODES. After clearing the codes and very light driving it seemed to have no issues, until I decided to chance it and drive slightly more aggressive to pass an individual after a stop light. I tried giving it more than half throttle and it had an issue from shifting from what seemed liked 1st into second. It would hold at 3000rpm no matter how much gas I gave it, I had to let off the gas for it to finally shift. And even then it had a tough time going faster. Coming to a turn I slowed down and it died again. Drove it home and put it in park, and it once again died. Tried to start it back up, it had a tough time to do it immediately with out it dying quickly, gave it 5 seconds and boom back up and running like normal. This is just one of the many examples that I have. At times it will just sputter and it seems if I try to give it gas it will keep it going 50% of the time.

Please help!!

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I see you have a 2002... did this issue occur prior to all the work you listed as being done? Or no? It's not super clear in your description. When you pulled the stored codes, you said this was after the knock sensor.... were they there before you did that, or do you know?
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