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El Guevara's Xterra Build (Nemesis)

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Intro: A project car purchased to a) have an X, b) so the in-home would-be mechanic (my son) can have real world hands on experience. Will be posting progress and pictures as things start to develop.
Attached pictures of the initial state of the rig.

Make: Nissan
Year: 2007
Model: Xterra
Trim: S
Color: Night Armor Pearl/Mica (Color Code K26)
Transmission: Automatic, 4x2

As received in December 2022

As of April 5, 2023:


  • Storage
    • Installed rear hatch door and rear windows roXterra MOLLE panels 20230416
    • Added small OG Fabrication MOLLE panel for the center console, to be installed on the driver side 20230307
    • Installed GreyDuck Fabrication rear door MOLLE panels 20230508
  • Electrical:
    • Interior Lights
      • Dome bulbs replaced with LEDs
    • Charging Ports
      • Replaced stock/OEM 12v socket in the center console glove box/compartment with a dual USB socket. 20230326
      • Added a 12v Socket and a dual USB socket to the back of the center console, accessible to the rear passengers
      • Replaced upper 12v socket port with a dual USB port socket 20231211
    • Switches/Buttons/Levers/ get the idea...
      • Relocation of VDC switch to the driver side dash 20230418
      • Added Carlin Rocker switches to the center console for the rear, hood, roof, and grille/bumper lights. Tied to the illumination 12v wire @ the glove box 20230419
  • Audio
    • Replaced OEM head unit with a JVC KW-M150BT 20230114
    • Replaced OEM speakers with Pioneer TS-A6960F A series (front) and TS-A1680F A series (back); Replaced OEM tweeters with Rockford Fosgate R1T-S Prime 1" mounted on top of the cover instead of below it 20230309
    • Added a Pioneer GM-DX874 1,200W Class D Amplifier, mounted below the driver's seat 20230327
    • Added a small Rockville SS8P 400 Watt Slim Powered Subwoofer under the passenger seat 20230329
  • Misc
    • Installed a Gentex Mirror with compass, autodimmer and garage opener 20230110
    • Added a Scangauge II to the top of the Gentex Mirror 20230419
    • Added a 70MAI front dash camera 20230419
    • Added a turn signal lever w/fog lights switch
    • Added Raingler handles to the headrests of the front seats to facilitate getting into the back seats 20230421
    • Added Raingler roof grid/mesh net 20230518
    • Installed upper center console/glasses holder assembly from Nissan Parts Puller 20230505
Under the hood:
  • Added hood support struts
  • Added Blue Sea 6 circuit fuse box (always hot) and a smaller Blue Sea 4 circuit mini box (no ground) for circuits hot only on ignition 20230313
  • Added a LED light strip and a switch to lit up the engine compartment while working on it 20230320
  • Wired relays and trigger wires for four rocker switches to be located in the area where the 4WD switch would normally be
  • Added an ASE power connector to quick connect/disconnect a battery tender or access a quick 12v connector under the hood 20230520
  • Armor/Recovery:
    • Added a bull bar; added the front license plate to it.
    • Installed a winch-ready ARB front Bumper 20230404
    • Installed Nisstec recovery points + black/red shackles 20230405
    • Replaced front/radiator plastic dust cover/skid plate by a stock metallic one I sourced used.
    • Mounted hi-lift farm jack on the roof 20230503
    • Added an OEM skid plate (Engine) 20230513
  • Intake/Exhaust
    • Installed a 2-in/1-out Magnaflow 12580 reversible muffler (2.25" inlets, 2.5" out); Restrictive y-pipe replaced by two pipes going in to the Magnaflow 20230415
  • Misc
    • Replaced the 12in rear wiper with a 16in one (Trico 16-B, exact fit) 20230126
    • Added window vent shades (AVS). External, not in-channel 20221225
    • Added TAC running bars 20230107
    • Added TAC tail light guards 20230127
    • Added a Bisco Industries lock to the storage/wet box on the stock roof rack 20230301
    • Branded the vehicle an Umbrella Corporation Vehicle
    • Added a GOBI ladder, passenger side 20230328
    • Replaced rear hatch support struts for 175lbs rated ones from McMaster, to better support the ladder and other planned crap the hatch will hold 20230403
    • Blue Overland awning mounted on the passenger side 20230417
    • Added a golf cart rack to the roof 20230410
  • Wheels/Tires
    • Replaced stock steelies with open V stock rims from a 2017 Frontier 20230227
    • Replaced mismatched worn out tires with Yokohama Geolandar H/TG056 20221224
    • Added 1.5" spacers to the rear wheels. 20230301
  • Suspension/Steering:
    • Replaced worn out rear shocks (original Nissan shocks from 07'....) with a set of Bilstein 5125s recently removed from a 2015 Frontier 20221225
    • Added Rough Country 2.5in lift shackles 20230130
    • Replaced worn out front strut assemblies (also the original Nissan ones from 07'....) with a set of Rancho Quicklift 9000 series 20230204
    • Replaced UCAs with SPC forged ones 20230208
    • Replaced LCAs with Moogs. 20230210
    • Added Rough Country camber bolts 20230209
  • Exterior Lights
    • Reverse, rear turn signal, and license plate lights replaced with LEDs
    • Replaced stock halogen bulbs with Katana LEDs
    • Added OEM fog light housings, replaced halogen bulbs with LEDs
    • Replaced headlights with Spec-D Halo lights 20230308; replaced H1 halogen bulbs with LEDs 20230323
    • Rewired the four H1 headlights so all the bulbs are on when turning up Hi-beams
    • Replaced front turn signals with LED switch backs
    • Added auxiliary reverse/back up lights 20230228
    • Added yellow fog light pods to the ARB bumper, wired to the location of the old OEM fog lights 20230410
    • Added spot lights to the hood mounted on maXterra's ditch light brackets 20230412
    • Replaced ditch lights with dual white/yellow lights (yellow controlled by switch, white tied to hi-beams) 20240418
  • Replaced stock key & fob by a blade key from a Rogue (as per Raine's how to on 20221218
  • Re-did the tint on the windows 20230520

  • Replaced Clock spring assembly due to a flashing air bag light on the dash 20230101
  • Replaced TPMS on the tires 20230213
  • Replaced MAF sensor 20230314
  • Replaced radiator by a Koyorad to avoid SMOD
  • Replaced upper and lower water hoses
  • Replaced thermostat (OEM)
  • Replaced radiator and recovery container caps
  • Replaced spark plugs @ 100,003 miles 20240428
  • Removed short heater core outlet after it broke, left the hose (new hose & clamps) directly to the heather outlet 20230428
  • Replaced heater core hose/pipe (long one) after I was left stranded in front of a Jiffy Lube (lucky me...) 20230502
  • First recovery - Box Canyon Rd 20220428
  • First Trail Run - Baldy Mesa (Trestles) 20230429
  • Hit 100,000 miles - Touring Mexicali, BC, Mexico 20230428
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Looks really nice!
It is finally staring to come together 🙃
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