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Drive shaft-rear diff clunking

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Had a sudden onset of a clunking noise that appears to be coming from the rear drive shaft or differential. Noise stops under acceleration. Clunks through braking. Clunks in neutral if it’s still rolling. 2012 V6 4x4 AT with 97k- Suggestions?
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I'd check the universal-joint(s) in your driveshaft first. Easiest to check and replace. Replacements (spicer 1310 or neapco 1-0154) can be purchased sealed or greasable (with a zerk fitting). There is a debate on which one is better; the sealed seems to last longer IMHO although that might be because everyone I know sucks at maintaining the MF’ers...I keep two in my truck when wheeling. I think Nissan has you replace the entire driveshaft but I'm not sure. I've always just changed the u-joint and have only changed the DS after candy-caning one on the rocks.
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