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Drive shaft-rear diff clunking

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Had a sudden onset of a clunking noise that appears to be coming from the rear drive shaft or differential. Noise stops under acceleration. Clunks through braking. Clunks in neutral if it’s still rolling. 2012 V6 4x4 AT with 97k- Suggestions?
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As a follow up- checked the u joint and the cv on the diff end of the drive shaft as suggested. Both are solid and tight- no noise when turning. Picked up one from autozone any way just in case. Put it on jack stands and throw it in drive. Clunk starts right up and seems the clunk comes from the drivers side rear wheel. Stick my foot on the tire to stop it while the right keeps going and sure enough it stops. Take my foot off and start the wheel spinning again but the clunk is gone.... go from park to drive to reverse several times nothing... let it down and decide to take off down the road. Seems somewhere along the way I pissed off the abs and traction control. Go about a mile and the lights go out but the clunk comes back. Possible this is a axel or wheel bearing issue? Not a whine or grind though. It’s definitely something in the rotating drive train as it’s rhythmical and speed sensitive to a degree.
1 - 2 of 4 Posts
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