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Does this wheel/tire combo work? (Time sensitive)

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Howdy. I have an 04X and am going to put a 2" BL on. My plan was BFG AT 33x12.5r15, with the wheels linked below. Would this work? I've done my best to research how rims are sized and looks good to me but I'm not sure. I only say time sensitive because tire kingdoms buy 2 get 2 ends tomorrow and that seems smart to do.

Pro Comp Steel Wheels Series 51 Wheel with Flat Black Finish (15x8"/6x5.5")

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Have fun cutting metal with that 3.75 BS.
Only thing that will give you fender/wheel well clearance is a BL. 3" SL or PML does nothing for clearance. The SL will compress all the way up as it did stock. With a 2" BL and 4.75" BS you are still cutting metal. 3.75" requires cutting even more metal. If you do not mind cutting you fenders all the way to your door; then you should be fine.
1 - 2 of 11 Posts
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