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Died, ran rough when it would start, lights on dash all lit up

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This is my first post here.
My 2005 Xterra died when my husband and I were driving to go fishing. We had driven about a mile then all the lights on the dash lit up like a Christmas tree, the engine ran rough for a few seconds and it died. He was able to start it back up but it ran really rough. He had difficulty keeping the RPMs up to limp it to a friends house. after that it would not start. The engine sounded like it wanted to start but would not turn over. We had to leave it at our friends house for about a week. When my husband came back with a flat bed for it the Xterra started up just long enough to get on the trailer. We tried to start it after the long trip home and the same thing happened, it wanted to start but didn't.
It is at a shop right now waiting for diagnostics but I am thinking of trying to diagnose it myself first.
There is a super small leak in the radiator and the slip light came on a few times when I did not think it should have.

The X is my daily driver and fishing machine. It has 125,000 miles on it.

Thanks :)
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