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Dec 2011 XOTM

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Here it is. Your last chance to be nominated in 2011. Since i'm doing the XOTM's again we'll change it up a little. We are still going with the 1 pic per nomination but you can nominate yourself. You must post a pic with your nomination in order for it to count! No semi finals. (aint got that kind of time) Starting it little early since we need to get Dec XOTM for XOTY. First 10 Nom's get it!

These guys don't count:

January 2011 - T-Ray Gen1
February 2011 - Dead Pilot Gen2
March 2011 - Xterra Mike Gen1
April 2011 - Timb Gen1
May 2011 - Powerguy37 Gen1
June 2011 - GlamisDunesStar Gen2
July 2011 - Morb Gen1
August 2011 - cgvalant85 Gen1
September 2011 - Rattfink Gen1
October 2011 - Bkyln.X Gen1
November 2011 - Zachbiz Gen1

Lets do it!
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yea... i just lost
sweet rig dude^ never seen that one
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