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Custom Borla Exhaust - not that loud?

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I was bored at work and looked up "xterra" under the parts section of my local CL. Came across someone selling a Borla exhaust for 1st gen Xterra's. I quickly googled it and couldn't find any info on a Borla catback for the first gen X's. Reached out to the seller and they said it was a custom job, so I met up and it looked like it was a quality piece. So i bit the bullet and got it...for stupid cheap.

Installation was a breeze as all the mounting points lined up exactly.

I got in the truck to hear her roar - but upon starting it, it was quiet - but with a slightly deeper tone. It was a cold start too - which had me thinking it will be even quieter once it warms up. After driving around more - I can only hear it when the revs climb above 3k - but even then it isn't super loud. I had a Borla exhaust on an old Land Rover V8 and it made it sound so good.

Just seeing if others with a aftermarket cat back experienced a sound let down with the 3.3l V6?
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